Where the Antelope Play, 2015

Exhibition view. College of Idaho Rosenthal Gallery, Sept. 18 - Oct. 16, 2015. "Using video, photography, and audio, this body of work is a visual response to the effect of petroleum and gas exploration (otherwise referred to as “fracking”) on Wyoming’s natural resources, wildlife habitat and ecosystems.


from 2015 exhibition: "Where the Antelope Play." Video and audio, 2 min./40 sec.

Holding the Desert Down

While temporarily lost in the wild deserts of Wyoming, the search for my own photographic interpretation of the land artist Walter De Maria's famous 1968 portrait(s) by Angelika Platen ensued. This short documentary records the idea of "getting lost" in order to find that unique moment and place. *Partner-in-Crime: Jöry Lindström

Blue is a train to Berkeley

A study in duration, form, color, and movement. A silent film.


2011, video; Duration: 2 min./5 sec.

gift, 2013

Duration: 7 min/32 sec. Video documentation of a live art performance by Arin Lindstrom. Performed for the LibArt Exhibition at the College of Western Idaho Library, Nampa, Idaho - March 13, 2013. Based on the idea of artistic generosity as often accomplished through a level of pain or challenge, hand-typed cards with the inscription "I believe in you" are gifted to participants as I greet them with the words "You are gifted." A pair of boxing gloves worn by myself becomes the qualifier for a level of pain or challenge. Performed in collaboration with the CWI Library, staff, faculty, and students. "What I am mostly interested in is gift as a transaction. In that a gift is free, the idea of gift also is like two sides of a coin – it requires the action of receiving in order to complete the act of gifting. This performance relies on the audience as participant. It is a demonstration of struggle as challenge to accomplish something; in this case an artwork. "